Pastor Rappe’s Weekly Invitation to Worship

Trinity XVII

Righteous are You, O Lord, And right are Your just decrees.

Twice the prophet Jeremiah refers to the name of the Messi   ah as “the Lord our Righteousness.” It is not only that Jesus is righteous in and of Himself, but that He brings righteousness. That is to say, through His body and blood we are declared and created righteous in the same way as the Son.

Please join us this week:

Today (13th):Sunday School & Adult Bible Study @ 9:00am
                      Divine Service @ 10:30am
                    Youth Confirmation @ 11:45am
Tuesday (15th):Matins & Bible Study @ 10:00am
Saturday (19th):Women’s Bible Breakfast  @ 10:00am
                          Office of the Keys and Confession @ 6-8pm