Pastor Rappe’s Weekly Invitation to Worship





                                                                       Easter Sunday


                                                                         Jesus is risen!

                                                       Trumpets resounding in glorious light!

                                                                 Splendor, The Lamb,

                                                                    Heaven forever!

                                                        Oh, what miracle God has in sight!


                                                                       City of God,

                                                                    Easter forever,

                                                         Golden Jerusalem, Jesus the Lamb,

                                                                      River of Life,

                                                               Saints and archangels,

                                                                 Sing with creation

                                                                To God the I AM!

Please join us this week:

Today (21th):Easter Breakfast @ 8:30am
                     Children’s Sunday School/Egg Hunt @ 9:15am
                      Divine Liturgy @ 10:30am
Tuesday (23rd):Matins & Bible Study @ 10:00am
Saturday(27th):Loci/Charlotte  @ 10:30am
                         Office of the Keys/Confession  @ 6-8pm