Pastor Rappe’s Weekly Invitation to Worship

Lent III

Oculi Sunday

My eyes are ever on the Lord,for He will pluck my feet out of the net.

 St. Luke writes that Jesus “resolutely set His eyes on Jerusalem,” – the city that kills those set to her. This is why the Father sends Jesus there. Lent is the season of many things. For this Sunday it instructs us to keep our eyes upon Jesus as He heads for Jerusalem to die for you.

Please join us this week:

Today(7th):Sunday School & Adult  Study @ 9:00AM
                     Divine Service  @ 10:30AM
                     Youth Confirmation  @  11:45AM
 Wednesday(10th): Lenten Supper  @  6:00PM 
                             Evening  Prayer  @  7:00PM
Saturday(13th): Men’s Bible Breakfast @ 9:00AM
                          Office of the Keys/Confession  @  6-8PM