Structural Engineering Survey


  • Ken Tucker

Project Details

This project is for a structural engineer to evaluate the facility for future renovations.  Specifically, he’s to look at the poles in the Parish Hall and the walls of the Church Office.

28 March 2017:  Met with the Engineer and received his drawings.  Essentially, 5 beams of three LVLs each would be required to remove the poles as they support the roof.  Each beam would also require a 16″x4″ column inside the Parish Hall for support in order to not pass through the roof.  These beams will also raise the floor of the attic by 14 inches.  Removing the two walls of the Church Office would require one, perhaps two beams, and not need a corner post.  Finally, the window in the Kitchen can be expanded with simple stud work.

30 March 2017:  Structural Engineering plans are received.

10 April 2017: Mr Marshall will attend a meeting at 6pm on 20 April 2017 to discuss his findings.