Building Committee

Repository of the detailed information on the background, planning and status of the Building Committee.

Overall plan

Current Projects:

This list of projects reflect the priority established by the Church Council after consideration of the effects each project would have on the usability of the Church, ease of planning and execution.  We felt that remodeling the kitchen first would be easiest as the new extension would not interfere with Services, as well as show the Congregation actual improvement on the facilities.  Renovating the bathroom will require suitable temporary facilities for the duration; thus, a substantial adverse effect on the usability of the Church.  Also, designing a new bathroom is fairly automatic as code requirements will completely drive the floor plan.  Our input will consist mainly of fixtures, hardware, color and material choices.  Finally, the Narthex/Administration will require significant planning for use.  For example, a structural engineering survey is required in order to determine if it is viable to remove the walls of the Church Secretary’s office.  Doing this will completely open up the Narthex but then require relocation of her office.

Ideally, completion of the kitchen and bathrooms would occur during 2017, to be completed by Fall.  However, the Narthex/Administration areas would be completed much later as paying off the outstanding loan will be a prerequisite.  Currently, we have funding available to complete both the kitchen and the bathroom and remain BUDGET NEUTRAL.  This means we will not have to change our current, approved budget nor seek additional contributions by the Congregation and is sustainable for the long term.

The Congregation is invited to join the committees and Council in discussion of these projects as we believe that the more participants there are, the wider scope of experiences and perspectives will ensure a better plan.

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