Bathroom Renovation Committee


  • Darline Rappe
  • Chaplain Williamson
  • Dave Rettig
  • Laura Rettig
  • AJ Vogel
  • Dick Davis
  • Kelly Tucker
  • Ken Tucker

Project Details  (~$50,000)

This project is to completely update the existing bathrooms from when the building was built in 1967 to current ADA standards.

28 February 2017: Added initial concept plans

6 March 2017;  Here’s the response to our question about what are the minimum, code required fixtures.  Our facility is classified as A-3 Places of Worship  And Religious Services.  Occupant load of 285, so we approximate 150 men and 150 women.  Per this table, 1 toilet per 150 men and 1 toilet per 75 women.  Also, 1 sink per both 200 men and women, as well as 1 water fountain and 1 service sink.  Therefore, Thom has properly exceeded the minimum standard in his designs.

20 March 2017:  We had a very successful committee meeting which resulted in a final plan.  Once Thom has that drawn up, it will be posted here and we will proceed with the establishment of the design elements, then presentation to the Congregation.

24 March 2017:  The final design approved by the Committee has been posted. This plan reduces the amount of encroachment into the Nursery yet dramatically improves all capabilities within the new bathrooms.

7 May 2017:  Voter’s Assembly approved construction.